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A new project on Austism is coming, I am working on it.
This is just one of the new challenges jumping out at beginning of 2020… I mean the most ambitious one. I took care of the creativity, the study of character as well as the story of this project with Marco Sebastiani, animation supervisor, we worked together to the settings, chromatic study and to the concept of many items presented in the scenes.
The project will be online by the end of March and we hope to be able to make a product that lives up to the expectations.

Scopri tutti i segreti del progetto: segui il link!

Client: Rai
Project: Beyond Autism
Creative & Direct: Andrea Tubili
Post Production: Lightcut Film
Animation Supervisor: Marco Sebastiani
Animation: Linda Kelvin, Mattia Simeoni
Scenography: Marco Sebastiani, Linda Kelvin, Mattia Simeoni