The Creativity is the fuel that feeds
the engine of Disc*very

(Andrea Tubili)

Concept & Creative


I was born in Rome on July 8, 1974.

It was clear to me since childhood that I wanted to become a cartoonist working in cinema and television field. Growing up I kept my promise made to myself and I choose the school suitable for me by enrolling in the Institute for Cinematography and Television, Roberto Rossellini, with Animation address. In that context I fed my passion for cinema and all is around reaching my goal: I began to make Cartoons.

As I learned the techniques of animation, my thirst for knowledge grew more and more so I began to deepen the study of the first digital graphics programs that began to appear on the graphics scene in those years. Since then I tried to collect as many experiences as possible, from shooting to editing, from animation to Motion Graphic, enriching my cultural background. Thanks to my job, I have travelled around the world collecting successes and experiences but I have also learned to get up from my failures.

Since 13 years, I have been sharing my career with two other partners, with whom I have founded the Lightcut Film, a Visual Effects Production and Post Production Company, Promotion Design and Digital Lab, in which I play the role of Art Director.

In 2012 I started working like Director for TV spot, collaborating with the most important national networks. I have received prestigious awards internationally renowned, from Promax to Eurovision Connect, from Cartoons on The Bay to New York Festival.

My job is my passion and I do it with the same love and enthusiasm as when I was a child, I will continue to do this for a very long time.

01. Director

Always passionate about cinema and advertising,I have been working as a director and creative director for several years. I have followed the creation of Promo, Commercial, Videoclips and multimedia contents for many clients, collaborating on the creative and developing processes for technical and artistic aspects.
Each job is a new challenge to be faced with the maximum efforts adopting the best solutions.

02. Designer

I create and design MoGraph content for Video, Promo, Advertising and promotional material. In addition, I work on the development of Logos, Logo Animation and Brand Identity for Companies, TV and Multimedia Channels. I manage the whole chain of the production process starting from the Idea to the Creativity, creating Storyboards, Mood Boards and 2D and 3D Animations till the final product.

03. Photographer

Photography is like a passionate love.
Telling a story by a photografic shot is the awareness of fixing a moment in my mind and giving back  to the world as a permanent and unchangeble image over time. Through photography, we tell a love, we remind an importatn moment we revive an emotion but also we can  promote ourselves or our business.