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200 years ago in 1819, between spring and autumn, a very famous poet coming from Recanati wrote a splendid poetry: L’Infinito. Today in the fall of 2019, we are glad to celebrate this masterpiece with a love declaration to Giacomo Leopardi and his poetry.
An animated video realized and designed by Lightcut Film in cooperation with RAI. Twenty-two most famous Italian music artists have took part with their voices to act L’Infinito.
Rai and Mibact wanted to celebrate the two hundred years of this Leopardian masterpiece in this way.
It has been such an honor for me to take part of this project since we grow by studying poets and writers of Italian literature who are pillars of our culture and history.
I believe that to carry out a such kind of project it is the aspiration of many who do this job with love and passion.
The project was received with great enthusiasm during the presentation made at the Quirinale and the first person who saw it was the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.
Thank you all for this big opportunity.

Chief of Promotion/Executive Director: Pierluigi Colantoni
Creative and Art Director: Andrea Tubili
Animation Supervisor: Andrea Tubili
Animation: Mattia Simeoni, Linda Kelvink
Mix e Sound Design: Rino Rino D’Anna
Musica: Universal Production Music