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A party on an amazing location in the heart of Rome, many guys looking for fun, eclectic people, good music and Biondo our leading character and real energy of the party. The video is set on the beautiful “Terrazza Borromini” overlooking Piazza Navona, in the middle of a roof garden crowded of boys and girls. Luca, Biondo’s dear friend (Dancer from the TV show“Friends”) arrives on set, greets his friend and joins the party. Biondo’s eyes light up a fiery red and the fun begins. Around him everybody dance and have fun; in his glance, a carmine light shines intensely and everyone seems to be fascinated by it.

A young magician is entertaining girls with card games , he throws one while Biondo is passing there, hoping to catch him by surprise; Biondo without turning around, grabs it and looks at the card with a smug face, leaving everyone surprised.

In another corner of the terrace, “strange” characters appear, a young and handsome girl dressed as Harley Quinn looks at the singer in a threatening but interesting way , not far an eater twirls a fiery halberd and on the “drop”, light up the evening, spitting fire from his mouth. While Biondo dominates the scene, Emma (his partner) appears in the crowd for a moment.

At the end of the song, the sun is rising, the terrace is completely empty. Was it a dream? We don’t know …..on the background, while Emma is looking at Rome skyline, Biondo approaches her gently, she rests her head on his shoulder.

The scene ends with Biondo and Emma close facing the panorama in absolute silence.

Production: Lightcut Film srl
Executive Producer: Alex Petroni
Assistant Production: Margherita Valori
Direction: Andrea Tubili
DOP: Nicola Cattani
3D Artist: Marco Panci
Camera Operators: Andrea Tubili, Nicola Cattani
Assistant to Operators: Marco Pasini
Electrician: Federico De Santis
Stylist: Laura Di Marco
Stylist Assistant: Martina Zampa
MUA: Martina Pioli, Franca Borrotzu
Toolmakers: Maraviglia Michelangelo, Rivolta Marco, Chillemi Leonardo
Scouting: Mattia Petroni
Editing: Federico Manzoni
Data Manager: Umberto Pomo, Federico Manzoni

Location: Terrazza Borromini
Technical tools: D-Vision / Movie People

Special thanks to Marina