I come into the world in Rome on 8th July 1974.

When I was just a little boy, I already knew very well what it would have been my future: the world of cinema and television. I really wanted to become a cartoonist, at all costs. Growing up, I have never let down that promise I did to myself and, as soon as I could, I found the best school for my plans: the “Roberto Rossellini”, Istituto per la Cinematografia e la Televisione, specialising in animation.

During those years I have fed my passion for cinema and everything was connected with it. My strong commitment let me achive the expected outcome: drawing cartoons. During my training of animation techniques, my desire to know was increasing till I decide to study the first digital computer graphic programs, which were available for the first time in computer graphics field.

Since that discovery I have never quitted to learn with dedication, trying to take on all the new challenges and collecting every experience I did on my way: shooting, editing, animation and motion graphics are only some of tools, which belong to my professional knowledge. During my work I crossed the world far and wide, I achived many successes, and after every failure I learned to raise it again.

Since ten years I share my project with other two business partners, that are skilled and expert. With both of them I established the Lightcut Film, a company specialised in production and post-production of visual effects, promotion design and digital lab. I perform the functions of the art director.

In 2012 I have also begun to deal with TV commercials direction, working together with the most widespread and popular Italian networks. I was awarded with some important international prizes: Promax, Eurovision Connect, Cartoons on The Bay and New York Festival. Now I keep feeding my passion for cinema with the very same dedication and commitment as I was still that little boy, and I believe I will keep doing it still for a long time.