20 Marzo 2020


Il lavoro ai tempi del Coronavirus è una cosa complicata da descrivere, c'è ma non è semplice come sembrerebbe. Le distanze rendono difficoltose le operazioni più semplici e bisogna essere…
27 Febbraio 2020 in Creative, Direct


A new project on Austism is coming, I am working on it. This is just one of the new challenges jumping out at beginning of 2020… I mean the most…
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15 Dicembre 2019 in Creative, Direct

L’INFINITO // Giacomo Leopardi

200 years ago in 1819, between spring and autumn, a very famous poet coming from Recanati wrote a splendid poetry: L’Infinito. Today in the fall of 2019, we are glad…
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15 Gennaio 2019 in Creative, Direct

LESSICO AMOROSO // Massimo Recalcati

When I realized the project for Lessico Amoroso by Massimo Recalcati, I tried to represent the human relationships by the metaphor of an intricate thread. Often human beings seem more…
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20 Giugno 2018 in Direct

BIONDO // Roof Garden

A party on an amazing location in the heart of Rome, many guys looking for fun, eclectic people, good music and Biondo our leading character and real energy of the…
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